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'A Whole Barena' - collaboration with the photographer Matteo de Mayda

The photographer Matteo de Mayda, in collaboration with We are here Venice within the Vital initiatives, recently presented the project 'A Whole Barena' as part of 'Nuova Generazione. Contemporary looks at the Alinari Archives", by CAMERA and the Alinari Foundation for Photography. The project wa…


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Counterbalancing environmental impacts

As a result of prolonged increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases emissions (GHGs) connected to human activities such as deforestation, pollution, habitat degradation especially in coastal areas, initiatives to counterbalance this are becoming increasingly urgent and, in some cases, required…


New funding for research in the Lagoon through investment in CSR

Coinciding with the 80th Venice International Film Festival, Giorgio Armani staged th…


Raising awareness

The Offset project will give companies and institutions the opportunity to offset their climate and social impacts by building the natural capital of the Venetian Lagoon. The focus of the offsetting action is on salt marshes, the most typical feature of the Lagoon landscape, which, in optimal con…


Carbon Capture and Storage and Other Issues related to Ecological Performance

The salt marshes of the Venice Lagoon (in italian barene)- lagoon areas between -10 and +50 cm relative to mean sea level, therefore periodically submerged by high tides - offer fundamental contributions to the survival of the Lagoon ecosystem and the communities that reside there. Indee…


Some of the most inspiring papers on blue carbon guiding Vital

Blue Carbon is a term that was coined in 2009 to draw attention to the degradation of marine and coastal ecosystems and to the urgency to conserve and restore them to mitigate climate change and to meet the ambitious emission reduction targets set at






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