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This section contains published papers produced by the VITAL network:


Restoring for the climate: A review of coastal wetland restoration research in the last thirty years

Wetlands provide significant ecosystem services yet are ranked amongst some of the most imperilled habitats. To maximise prioritisation of these habitats a better understanding of the full range of ecosystem functions is needed, starting with an examination of how coastal wetlands have been portrayed in restoration literature to date. This study consists of a literature review and the use of automated topic analyses aimed at...discover more


Rethinking Venice from an Ecosystem Service Perspective

Safeguarding the future of Venice is a globally recognised challenge of urban sustainability. We propose a sustainable management model, alternative to the current strategy, that primarily focuses on the built heritage and which interprets the city together with its encircling lagoon as a matrix of interlinked natural, cultural and social capital. In particular, Venetian natural capital can be valued as a stock of wealth that...discover more

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