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VITAL brings together the worlds of civil society, business and research to enhance the natural capital of the Venetian Lagoon.

The Venetian Lagoon offers the local economy a series of natural, cultural and social services that need to be managed in a more sustainable way both by companies and public administration. VITAL's mission, therefore, is to develop scientific and economic tools to ensure that the productivity of the Lagoon ecosystem is fully recognised and valued. VITAL has a multidisciplinary approach to maintaining the Lagoon's wellbeing, drawing on specific contributions from ecology, engineering, economics and the humanities, both locally and internationally.

The assumption underlying this approach is that the welfare generated by the Venetian Lagoon needs a more rigorous quantification in order to attract the resources needed to optimally maintain its ecosystem and limit damage. The different forms of knowledge brought together by VITAL provide the tools through which the processes of restoration and revitalization of the Lagoon’s different features can be studied and tested. The results of our studies are made public so that the scientific community and the local community can benefit from the specific knowledge developed in the course of our activities.

In addition, VITAL proposes concrete projects for companies wishing to offset their environmental impact by protecting the Lagoon environment. OFFSET, the first project to be launched by VITAL, focuses on the flora of salt marshes and their potential to absorb carbon dioxide. Connecting civil society, business and research in a unified effort to safeguard the wellbeing of the Venice Lagoon VITAL can play a key role in the fight against climate change. The synergy between the dynamic world of business and that of advanced scientific research, together with the governance support provided by policymakers, makes it possible to create new scenarios for sustainable development.

Ambient sound recording in the marshes

Surveying ground levels

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